PUTTING INTO OPERATION MAXX SP5 S in stainless steel housing

Environmental Technology Award 2019

The Ministry of Environment of Baden-Württemberg has awarded the Environmental Technology Prize for the sixth time. After many weeks full of intense work and passion we are pleased to receive an award for our work. On 16 July 2019 we got rewarded with the prize for environmental technology Baden-Wuerttemberg If you reap what you sow in the end, hard work is worth the effort.
This motivates us to go on, improve constantly a little more and to live on innovation and inventiveness every day.

We received the award for our pesticide sampler

The device is used for event-triggered automatic water sampling in agriculture areas.
The task is, to find out how much the runoff water of these areas is loaded by pesticides etc. after heavy rain events. This sampler represents a new, unique combination of particle sampling, liquid sampling and large-volume-solid-phase extraction (LVSPE). Although the unit is battery driven, it can handle long stand-by-times of several months and even cool the liquid sample after collection. It is almost tamper proof and equipped with a GPS-tracker. A SMS unit informs automatically when a rain event happened and the sampling program has been started.


Large volume solid phase extraction (LVSPE)

Aktuelles Prospect (D/EN)


Assessment of a novel device for onsite integrative large-volume solid phase extraction of water samples to enable a comprehensive chemical and effect-based analysis

Aktuelles more Information (EN)


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March   21. Dresdner Abwassertagung 19. / 20. März 2019
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April Messe in Deutschland MEORGA MSR-Spezialmesse - Chemiedreieck
Wednesday, 10. April 2019
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