Vacuum System

Probably the most common system in Europe.

Vakuum System

The sample is extracted by means of a vacuum, that means the liquid is sucked up through the sample hose and led into a metering vessel in which the sample volume is adjusted.


  • very reliable
  • well-proven since thousands of systems in use
  • with purge cycle
  • gentle sample extraction
  • almost no wear
  • low operation expenses


  • stripping effect
  • max. 8,5 m suction height

Principle of operation:


Vakuum SystemVakuum SystemVakuum SystemVakuum SystemVakuum System

1. Inoperative position
2. Pinch valve closes
3. Sample chamber is filled with sample medium up to the electrodes
4. Dosing system is aerated
5. Pinch valve opens, allowing sample to drop into sample container


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