Maxx GmbH

Circuit diagram -SP5 S /-B /-M /-F /-A /-MS -DK page 6 Overview Functions of digital Inputs Input 1 Flow digital Input 2 Event Input 3 Manual sample external Input 4 External Resetbutton (Option) Input 5 Free programmable Input 6 Sensor bottleposition Selfemptying Input 7 Sensor Position 1 Selfemptying Input 8 Sensor bottle valve Selfemptying Overview Functions of digital Ouputs Output 1 -Aeration valve Var-system - Aeration valve Power booster -2nd pinch valve on/off double-dosing system -MV1 (solenoid) Zone 2 Output 2 -2ter pinch valve left/right for double- dosing system -MV2 (solenoid) Zone 2 Output 3 -MV3 (solenoid) Zone2 -K6 bei Selfemptying 2x10, 4x5 Output 4 -Motor outlet valve Selfemptying -K7 bei Selfemptying 2x10, 4x5 Output 5 -Motor inside/outside on/off for Selfemptying -K8 for Selfemptying 2x10, 4x5 Output 6 - Motor inside/outside right/left Selfemptying. -Switch Motor 1/2 for 2x10, 4x5 Output 7 -rinsing valve Selfemptying 12/24 -Revers Motor 1/2 for 2x10, 4x5 -MV4 (solenoid) Zone 2 -Rinsing valve Faeko -Motor 1/2 for X/Y-distributor Output 8 malfunction message