Maxx GmbH

Double valve system for pressurised lines Our Dosing Systems System for sampling from pressurised lines for sample medium with high solids content (sludge). Both ball valves are normally closed. For taking a sample the valve which is next to the pressure line opens and the tube between the valves is being filled with water. After that the valve closes again and the other opens and the sample can flow out into the sampling bottle. Advantages: > Working like a standard Vacuum-Sampler. Because of pre- and post-purge of the connection-line between pressurized line and sampling-device the »dead-volume« is almost zero. > No Level Electrodes, thus the system can work even with oil or other liquids with low conductivity. > Available either as a wall mounted version or even with stainlessd steel housing with cooling and distributor for multiple bottles. > Working pressure up to 25 bar Disadvantages > Only fix sampling volume