Maxx GmbH

MAXX Mess- und Probenahmetechnik GmbH 7 Food Industry in the South of Italy We have designed and supplied devices for the governmental monitoring of industrial compa- nies in the region of Naples which enabled the Federal Authorities to control the factories round the clock with only a minimal need of personnel. Petrochemical Industry To meet the severe safety requirements for devices installed in the petrochemical industry, we designed automatic samplers without any electric components. São Paulo, Brazil In Brazil we successfully contributed to the establishment of a water quality measuring net in the State of São Paulo – from the planningup to the putting into service of up to now 14 container stations. For this difficult project MAXX supplied the whole sampling technique as well as the com- plete systems for data collection, data storage, data transfer and data administration. Leather industry in the North of Italy MAXX supplied devices for a very special requirement on the sampling technique: the sample extraction under changing pressure/vacuum conditions, a very problematic waste water and extensive demands on the software. Federal Agency for Hydrology in Coblenz The Federal Agency for Hydrology (BfG) decided to buy special units from MAXX in order to renew the measuring and sampling network all over Germany. Devices with high technical demands, 36 bottles (each with a volume of 2,5 l), XY-distributor, remote control by means of a modem, automatic data collection etc. Chemical Industry One of the biggest chemical companies in Europe decided to use the MAXX sampling technique. Samplers with ceramic slides which almost withstand everything: pressure, high tem- peratures, abrasive material, acids ... Water Quality Agency in Worms For monitoring of the river Rhine we supplied MAXX self- emptying samplers to the state office to replace Bühler stations which were placed out of service.