Maxx GmbH

MAXX Mess- und Probenahmetechnik GmbH 9 Since the foundation of the company we intensively have taken care of the special wishes of our customers. The more difficult the task, the bigger the challenge to find the best solution. Some examples: Technical requirements Devices for river monitoring with 36 bottles. With additional function keys for special functions and XY-Distributor. Data fetch and parameterization is effected via remote function with modem. With a Special software for easy data management. Technical requirements The sampler had to have 4 x 60 l containers. There had to be two telescopic drawers, each with two containers. To empty the containers, they had to have a discharge valve. The samples should be extracted from two different sewers by means of separate sampling systems and a parallel dosing into the containers Technical requirements For a hydrocyclone test facility the control unit with the respective software should be built according to the customer´s specifications. In the framework of a research series this unit was needed to find out which substances can be separated under which conditions Technical requirements Sample extraction from a pressurised line. As the extraction point is in explosive atmosphere every component on site has to be explosion-proof. The control unit can be installed at a distance of 20 m in the non-hazardous area. The sample has to be filled in two bottles. Technical requirements Sampling from a pressurised line filled with rape oil, pressure 4 bar, temp. 60° C. Air must not enter the pressurised line. Sampling system and distributor are in the hazardous area.