Maxx GmbH

MAXX Mess- und Probenahmetechnik GmbH 11 Technical requirements > Sampling with gentle sample extraction and hermetically sealed sample storage in order to identify solvent residues (volatile substances) in water > Sampling by means of a peristaltic pump > Only inert materials are used (glass, PTFE (Teflon), PVDF) > Thanks to fast plug-in couplings the sample containers can be easily removed for further analysis Technical requirements > Sampler with self-emptying function and 7 x 5 L bottles > The sampler is installed in a chlorine plant and thus only special materials like PTFE (Teflon) PVDF and silicone can be used > The device has two separate GRP cabinets. The top part as well as the distributor drive were supplied with compressed air so that the components are protected against an aggressive atmosphere Technical requirements > Sampling device with 6 x 20 L bottles, XY-distributor > Glass metering vessel, housing made of V4A stainless steel, coated refrigerating machine and sample bottles placed on a telescopic drawer > To monitor and record the interior temperature there is an additional temperature measurement inside the bottle compartment Technical requirements > Sampler with self-emptying function, rinsing and 7 x 5 L bottles > Samples have to be extracted from a circular pipeline and under exclusion of air > Permitted materials are only PTFE (Teflon) and PVDF > Sample dosing is effected per bottle by means of a little metering vessel with overflow > Via a valve the sample medium flows from the circular pipeline into one of the metering vessels until the water level reaches the overflow and thus defines the sample volume. The sample is drained into the assigned bottle by means of a further valve.