Maxx GmbH

Model P6 Peristaltic Pump Doublewalled, insulated lower part MiniUSB, optional: Ethernet RJ45, SDI-12 8 x digital, one of them as collective malfunction message Time (CT, CV), Flow (VT, CV) or (CT, VV), variable flow PE: 24 x 1 L/1 x 10 L/4 x 4 L/8 x 2 L Glass: 24 x 350 ml/12 x 950 ml/8 x 2 L P6 L: 500 x 805 mm (diam. x h) P6 Mini Maxx: 400 x 605 mm (diam. x h) P6 L approx. 13 kg (without battery) P6 MINI MAXX approx. 9 kg (without battery) 0° to +50° C Sample temperature : 0° to +40° C CE, sampling according to ISO 5667-10, EN 16479 (Flow modes are controlled by an external flowmeter signal) max. 8,5 m (at 1000 hPa) Event and manual sampling PE: 1 x 10 L; glass: 1 x 4 L Made of ABS and PP P6 Mini Maxx: P6 L Ambient temperature: Overall dimensions: Sampling modes: Bottle variants: Signal outputs: Dosing system: Suction height: Signal inputs: Standards: Interface: Housing: Weight: Peristaltic pump 20–10.000 ml 2 x analog: 0/4–20 mA , max. working restistance 500 Ohm 8 x digital (Flow, Event, 1 x free programmable) Microprocessor control, foil keypad, back lit display (2 year ring memory FIFO at 1 min interval) 12 freely programmable programs, user-friendly software Control: P6 L P6 MINI MAXX Technical data at a glance Innovation made in Germany 12 V/7.2 Ah battery with charger IP44 or IP67 Power supply: Impulse length 60 ms, switching level 7–24 V Programming: Option: with PC software or LAN/GPRS/WEB communication