DK System (double ball valve)

A Sampling system from pressurized lines up to 25 bar.

DK System (Doppelkugelhahn)

Operation principle:

  • both ball valves are normally closed.
  • to take a sample the ball valve 1 (next to the pressure line) opens and the dosing tube between
    ball valve 1 and ball valve 2 is filled with sample medium.
  •  Ball valve 1 is closed again.
  •  Ball valve 2 opens.
  •  the sample can drain off into the sampling bottle.

If required, an air connection can be provided at the dosing tube to enable a purge of the tube section
connected to the pressurised line.


  • Working like a standard Vacuum-Sampler Because of pre- and post-purge of the connectionline between pressurized line and sampling-device the “dead”-volume” is almost zero.
  • No Level Electrodes, thus the system can work even with oil or other liquids with low conductivity
  • Available either as a wall mounted version or even with stainless steel housing with cooling and distributor for multiple bottles.
  • Working pressure up to 25 bar


  • only predefined fix sample volume e.g. 100ml
  • the pressure for purging has to be higher than the line pressure


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